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www.studioschatto.com is the PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES section of www.schatto.com

We offer our clients the following types of on & off site photographic services:

  • dvertising photography
  • Annual Report Photography
  • Company Events photography
  • Company Meetings photography
  • Employee Awards & Appreciation photography
  • Engineering & Manufacturing photography
  • Equipment photography
  • Facilities photography
  • Marketing Communications & Press Release photography
  • Product Literature & Promotional photography
  • Social Media photography
  • Trade-show photography

Over the last 30 years, we have also specialized in creating TRAVEL & EDITORIAL photographic images in the following categories:

  • editorial
  • educational
  • events
  • family celebrations
  • historical places
  • portraits
  • posters
  • text books
  • trade magazines
  • travel guides
  • travel magazines
  • other related editorial usages

    Various STUDIOSCHATTO.COM copyrighted photographic images have been used by Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, Art Asia Pacific, Art Nexus, Avco Financial, Boston Globe-Travel, BrownTrout Publishers, Fodor's Travel Guides, Fuji Film, Guest Informant, Hemispheres UAL magazine, Hilton, Historic Traveler, Insight Travel Guides, Los Angeles magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Pentax Cameras-USA., Petersen's Photographic, Rangefinder, Sigma Lens-USA, Sculpture magazine, Westways AAA magazine, World Sculpture News, and various textbook publishers.

    Along with STUDIOSCHATTO.COM stock images, we also create photographic images on both specific assignments as well as on a contingency basis. Please contact us at StudioSchatto@gmail.com for additional details. PHOTO CREDITS are shown below:

    · Sculpture (4Q. 2005 – at press): Mattiacci’s Eye in the Sky
    · Sculpture (November 2004): Niki de Saint Phalle (p.42-47)
    · Sculpture (June 2003): Nancy Rubin’s at MOCA – Los Angeles
    · Sculpture (October 2002): “Cultural Structures; Becky Guttin”
    · Sculpture (April 2002): “Directions in Installation Art”
    · Art Nexus (September-October 2001): “LACMA Inaugurates Latin American Art Wing”
    · Art Nexus (May-June-July 2001): “Becky Guttin at the Museum of Latin American Art”
    · Sculpture (September 2000): “Diana Thater at the Orange County Museum of Art”
    · Sculpture (April 2000): “Mexican Sculptors at the Museum of Latin American Art”
    · Sculpture (October 1999): “Escondido Phoenix ‘99”
    · Sculpture (July/August 1999): “Marcos Ramirez.”
    · Sculpture (June 1999): “Jose Bedia.”
    · World Sculpture News: (spring 1999): “Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas.”
    · ART Asia Pacific (Oct/Nov/Dec. ‘98): Pojagi-A Korean WRAPsody.
    · World Sculpture News (summer 1998):“The Remarkable Beasts of Niki de Saint Phalle.”
    · Asian Art News (March/April 1998): “The Getty Center”
    · Sculpture (July/August 1998): “Irwin’s Getty Central Garden”
    · World Sculpture News (autumn 1997): “The Many Faces of Public Spaces: InSite 1997.”
    · World Sculpture News (autumn 1997): “A Garden of Delights: The Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA.”
    · Asia Pacific Sculpture News (Spring 1996): “Museum of Contemporary Art-San Diego”
    · Asia Pacific Sculpture News (Winter 1996): “Botero”
    · Asia Pacific Sculpture News (Autumn 1995): “Noguchi”
    · Sculpture (November 1996): “John Otterbridge”

    · Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel (February 2000): “Yosemite on a Budget”
    · Westways (July/Aug. 1999): “Santa Fe, NM.”
    · Historic Traveler (June 1998): “Venice Beach, California”
    · Historic Traveler (April 1998): “San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Trail”
    · Historic Traveler (April 1997): “Ft. Worth, TX & The Stockyards”
    · Historic Traveler (March 1997): “Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA”
    · Historic Traveler (October 1996): “Luther Burbank House”
    · Historic Traveler (July 1996): “Seattle’s Historic Pioneer Square”
    · Historic Traveler (January 1996): “Scotty’s Castle-Death Valley”
    · Historic Traveler (November 1996): “Catalina Island-Avalon”
    · National Geographic Traveler (Nov./Dec. 1995): “Solvang”
    · Hemispheres-UAL (August 1995): “Toronto”
    · Hemispheres-United Airlines Magazine (July 1995): “Chicago”
    · LosAngeles (June 1994): “Pocket Beaches of Los Angeles”
    · Sunday Boston Globe -Travel Section (July 31, 1994): “Solvang”

  • FODOR’S Los Angeles (2004: 19th Edition)
  • Front Cover1999 Guest Informant
  • ChicagoPhoto Chicago (inclusion of images in book by BrownTrout Publishers)
  • Insight Guide: Northern California(APA -London)
  • Insight Guide: Southern California1
  • Insight Guide: Chicago1996 Guest Informant
  • San Francisco1996 Guest Informant
  • Orange County, CA Guest Informant
  • Solvang Convention Bureau & Visitors Guide

  • Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic (August 1992): “Yosemite”
  • The Rangefinder (March 1993): “People Photography”
  • The Rangefinder (April 1993): “People Photography”
  • The Rangefinder (May 1993): “People Photography”
  • The Rangefinder (June 1993): “People Photography”
  • The Rangefinder (April 1999)
  • Photo District News (May 1998): Exposures